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The Clipper Story

Mt. St. Helens Erupts!
The Clipper Erupts on the Scene!

Hillsboro, Oregon - May 1980

Mt. St. Helens had just erupted with a vengeance. It was snowing ash! Day turned into night. Everywhere you looked, there were three-foot tall piles of ash shoveled up on sidewalks and driveways. The streets were nearly void of traffic, even during rush hour. Those that did venture out covered their noses with surgical masks and their vehicle carburetors with nylons. SMALL LOCAL BUSINESSES HAD NO BUSINESS!

In talking with local business owners, Jim and Anne McKercher (then owners of a regional aviation publication) kept hearing the same sad story: many local businesses would not be able to weather the storm and would be forced to CLOSE THEIR DOORS FOREVER, unless things turned around soon, and improved enough for them to overcome the loss of revenue.

Having experience in the print industry, Jim felt the answer was in a strong direct mail advertising effort. However, many shop owners indicated they simply could not afford the kind of high costs charged by the typical direct mail vehicle. Jim, who had been wanting to do something for local business for some time, found this to be a challenging opportunity to create an advertising alternative that could produce expensive DIRECT MAIL RESPONSE, while at the same time remaining INEXPENSIVE and AFFORDABLE to small, local businesses. Thus the Clipper became the original coupon paper. Intended as a ‘one shot’ effort, the Clipper was a BIG HIT and was actually credited with saving many businesses in Western Washington County! Virtually all businesses wanted a “repeat performance” as soon as possible! The Clipper has been published every month since!

Today the popular Clipper is a HOUSEHOLD NAME and the highest circulation local paper in Oregon as well as the highest circulation, family owned, publication in the state! Our mission statement of “better for less” hasn’t changed. We still provide the RESPONSE OF DIRECT MAIL FOR A FRACTION OF THE COST!

There are several local editions, primarily in the greater Portland Metro area. Each edition is THE HIGHEST CIRCULATION PAPER in that particular market. The Clipper, a tabloid shopper containing popular coupons and display ads, is circulated to homes once each month and to grocery and retail stores, as well as news stands many times throughout the month. This combination provides direct mail impact plus steady, longer term, “grass roots” response not found with mail pieces.

The Clipper has helped thousands of businesses, even saved a few, but the beauty is we are AFFORDABLE FOR ANY SMALL BUSINESS AND EFFECTIVE YET INEXPENSIVE ENOUGH TO BE ADDED TO ANY SIZE ADVERTISING BUDGET!

As one longtime advertiser recently said, “If I ever have to cut my advertising budget, the LAST thing I would cut would be the Clipper. Or, as another summed it up, “JUST KEEP RUNNING MY AD UNTIL I DIE!”


Note: Deadlines are up to one month in advance. THE Clipper ALWAYS SELLS OUT so reserve your space early!